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  • Hector Curiel

5 Pro Tips for Movers From a Realtor Who Has Helped Countless Families Make Their Next Move

With an average of nearly one dozen moves during life, most Americans have a fair amount of experience packing up and settling in again. Now, imagine how many moving-related tips and tricks a Realtor® learns while watching clients move every week: We’re talking expert-level status when it comes to making a smooth transition from home to home.

While helping countless clients buy and sell homes, Krista Zobel, a Realtor in Lincoln, Nebraska, has amassed a set of pro tips for moving—whether someone is relocating from across the country or just from around the corner.

“As a real estate agent, I guide my clients through small, manageable steps,” she says. “I see a variety of reasons people move. My goal is always to be an asset to the transaction and make the process smooth.” Read More...

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