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Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current property, Curiel Homes ® is ready to work with you. We've been working hard since 2011, assisting clients through every step of the real estate process - from negotiating final prices to handling legal issues and paperwork. If you want to work with the best Real Estate Agency in Los Angeles, look no further.


At Curiel Homes ®, our values are at the core of everything we do - guiding our behavior and decisions all day, every day. Our integrity keeps us humble and always thinking about who is using our services. Education is a crucial value that we must ensure to integrate in every selling, buying or renting process. Our various approaches to real estate are what keeps us fresh and relevant, and set us apart from the competition.

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We provide many resources for all of our clients. You deserve to hear about the steps to take when considering buying or selling properties. There so many items that need to be examined when buying or selling real estate, and our entire team are here to help you through all the steps to take to be successful.


Our unparalleled marketing strategies and networking capabilities result in more sales and higher sale prices. Our expertise is unrivaled. We don’t just plug your home into a “system” like the many behemoth brokerages, we take a personal and specific approach to each home – that is what makes the difference. We consult and advise our clients from the very beginning, to determine the best mechanisms and strategies to sell the home, and at the highest price. Appearance matters, and we are experts in creating and managing the presentation of your home, understanding that success rests in the details, and that nothing is more important than hard work, ambition, and extreme dedication.

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When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s essential that you take time check out homes and get a feel for what’s available. That’s where we come in. Come learn about the market in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. One of our knowledgeable agents will be more than happy to answer every one of your questions and hear you voice any possible concerns.

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10200 Venice Blvd #201, Culver City, CA 90232


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Local Fixture Small Business Showcase - Whittier, California

Local Fixture Small Business Showcase - Whittier, California

Supporting small businesses in 2022. Today we're going to do a business showcase here at Local Fixture out in Whittier, California. We're going to check out the story and talk to Jason, the owner. Come along. We're here at the local picture out here in Whittier, California. And today we're going to talk to the company owner. Hi, how are you? Good. Good. If you don't mind just introduce yourself quickly. Yeah, my name is Jason and I'm the owner of Local Fixture. We've been here about seven years. Great. And what's a little bit of a background that you have? How did you get started? Yeah. So I'm a resident of Whittier, and we just felt like there was a need for a local gift store where people can find unique gifts. And then a few years after we opened, we also opened up a coffee bar serving specialty coffee. Awesome. And I noticed that coffee bars right here in the corner. Right. Awesome. So what kind of things? Are you guys still in the coffee shop? Yeah. So we actually serve Stumptown Coffee out of Oregon. Just a really high-quality coffee. And then we also do donuts as well. And then the store, we sell a variety of gifts. So we're kind of the community gift store. We sell everything from candles to jewelry to things for kids as well. There's almost always, you know, people can always find something for almost anyone. Right. Do you mind just giving us a little bit of background about yourself? How old are you? What gave you this idea? Yeah, I'm actually about to turn 44 this year, so like I said, I've been running the store for about seven years now, and inspiration really just came from, you know, stores that we would see in Pasadena, Venice, and just wanting to emulate and give this community something similar to those types of stores that sell out there. That's good. And lastly, what was the inspiration behind the name that you gave this location? Yeah, that's a good question, actually. The reason how we came up with the local fixture is interesting is because this building is actually used to be the Edison building. And so when we're trying to just brainstorm on name ideas, you know, obviously we want to do something local. Right. And then when we think about Edison, Thomas Edison, you know, electricity. And then we kind of came up with light fixtures and just the term local fixture being like a local fixture in the community. That's kind of how we came up. That's great. All right, guys. So come check out the local picture out here in Whittier. Click here to see more videos: Follow us on our Social Media: FACEBOOK: LinkedIn: INSTAGRAM:

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